Kaitlyn Bristowe Explains Last Night's Teary Episode Of "The Bachelorette"

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Kaitlyn Bristowe has come under some heat recently for the way she is handling her relationships on The Bachelorette.

Monday night's episode just seemed to showcase how Kaitlyn Bristowe's life is becoming increasingly complicated.

Of course, Kaitlyn Bristowe got intimate with one of the contestants and that just tends to throw a wrench in things.

The problem is, that's why people watch and at the same time, that is apparently what makes people disgusted.

For Kaitlyn Bristowe, however, there are no regrets in her relationship with Nick Viall.

Kaitlyn Bristowe told People, "That's something I don't think I should be ashamed of."

She added that what happened on Monday's episode "something that would probably happen in the real world."

But do people care what would happen in the real world? No.

Kaitlyn Bristowe said of the backlash, "I know so many people can relate, but it's so easy for them to judge at the same time."

She added, "It's easier to judge than to relate to my situation!"

What did you think of Kaitlyn Bristowe's actions on Monday night's Bachelorette?

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