Kabul Bombing on Friday Raises U.S. Death Toll

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Reuters tells us that a suicide bomb attack has killed three NATO military personnel Friday on the eastern outskirts of Kabul.

The car bomb struck a group of military cars traveling down a major highway destroying civilian cars and mangling surrounding establishments.

One American has been reported to be among the International Security Assistance Force members killed in the bombing, while the other two are reported to be Slovak servicemen.

This month alone, six American soldiers died in a helicopter crash in Zabul, and two more were killed in Afghanistan along with one British soldier.

The attack is believed to be related to the U.S. troops in the country as President Hamid Karzai has yet to make the decision with America regarding when they should leave. Despite urgings from his colleagues, Karzai does not want to make a final decision on the matter until after the United States meets his negotiation demands.

Concern for Afghanistan security and civilian aid is also a factor for when U.S. troops leave the country; the United States have promised to provide $16 billion in aid to Afghanistan, and it is generally believed that troop presence will be needed to sustain their program investments.

To date, the United States have already spent at least $88 billion on Afghan aid.

Some sources say that a Taliban spokesman claimed responsibility for the recent attack via twitter, but none have provided proof of the tweet as of yet.

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