K-Cup Announced by Campbell’s and Green Mountain


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Campbell’s has come a long way since consumers started enjoying the “Mmm Mmm Good” canned soup company, and now we can call it the K-cup soup company, too. Campbell Soup Co. and Green Mountain, which currently produces coffee and other beverage K-cups for its Keurig machines, are working together to bring, “delicious soup at the touch of a button,” says Campbell CEO Denise Morrison.

Morrison says she is an avid Keurig user and that sparked the idea that she ran by Green Mountain at an event just under a year ago. Green Mountain CEO Brian Kelley says, “Consumers told us we should put Campbell soup in these machines.” The idea was scrutinized by “considerable” consumer testing.

Will the iconic cans go the way of Campbell's Generation Test! campaign on Facebook? (If you're wondering... Yes, I pressed LIKE.)
Campbell Soup Co.

To ward off worries from coffee connoisseurs, Green Mountain says that its single-serve machines are designed to cleanse the system through the brewing process, so flavors should not be corrupted.

Product details are still being worked out but the K-cup versions of the soup are being labeled as “snacks.” Three varieties are anticipated for next year, including Chicken Broth & Noodle.

Campbell is hoping this venture appeals to 20- and 30-year-olds as it tries to reinvigorate sales. The company is working on diversifying its portfolio with foods considered fresher or healthier over its traditional packaged food offerings. Recent acquisitions include Bolthouse Farms juices and Plum Organics baby food.

The idea has its fair share of enthusiasts and detractors, as do K-cups in general. On the pro side, reviewers cite convenience, clean-up, speed, variety of flavors and exact measurements (in this case, of coffee). Cons lean toward the quality (of the coffee), a lack of control over what’s happening in that little cup, expense, availability and waste (though there are reusable filters, but there go most of your pros).

Tweets also fall on both sides of the soup spoon…

[Image via Campbell’s Official Website and Facebook.]