Justin Timberlake's New Black & White 'Suit & Tie' Video Is Directed by David Fincher

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After a little bit of a wait, the official video for the new Justin Timberlake single "Suit & Tie ft. JAY Z" is here. It's black & white, stylish, and directed by The Social Network's David Fincher.

It's not strange that Fincher would direct a Justin Timberlake music video - the two worked together on The Social Network, where Timberlake played Napster founder and Facebook investor Sean Parker. Fincher also has a background in music videos.

"Before Fincher directed his trademark edgy films like Seven, Fight Club, and Panic Room, he cut his teeth making iconic music videos, including Madonna's "Express Yourself" and The Rolling Stones' "Love Is Strong", amongst others," says Timberlake on his site.

(There was a lyric video that dropped before this, but this is the real deal)

Check it out:

Did you see the couple of iPad cameos? Clever. Another Fincher project with a fair amount of Apple product placement is the new Netflix original series House of Cards. Fincher directs House of Cards and a Justin Timberlake video - both haevily featuring Apple devices. To complete the circle, I call a Timberlake cameo in next season of House of Cards. What do you say?

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