Justin Timberlake Flips Audience Off


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Justin Timberlake has a pretty great sense of humor. It came especially in handy during one of his performances.

While making a stop in Philadelphia for his 20/20 Experience tour, the singer was greeted by a not-so-friendly fan.

After singing, the 33-year-old took a second to say hello to his audience.

"I'm excited to be here," Timberlake said. "I've got some good friends in Philly."

He went on to admire the roaring crowd and seemingly noticed a fan from the second row giving him something other than applause.

"Why are you flipping me off?" he asked confused.

You got second row to flip me the bird? That makes no f--king sense. You wanted me to see it? But you're in the second row, you didn't have to flip me off. I see you in the second row."

While the gesture was rude, Timberlake didn't seem too bothered by the bird.

He then acted out his best impression of an irked girl applying makeup and plotting against the musician. The hilarious rendition not only got the crowd laughing, it most likely put the finger-flipping "fan" in her place.

"OK, it worked. It worked. OK, let's all do this at the same time so we can get it over with," he said as he jokingly flipped the audience off with them returning the gesture.

"That's also the weirdest moment I've ever had with a crowd,' he laughed.

Image Via YouTube