Justin Moed: Another Pol Outed by Anthony Weiner's Sexting Partner?

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Justin Moed, State Representative from Indiana, is finding himself in some hot water this week. The politician has been accused of sexting by none other than the same woman who outed Anthony Weiner.

Sydney Leathers told RadarOnline that she has been in contact with Justin Moed for about a month. She had announced online that she ws looking for a new #FinDom slave. FinDom is short for "financial domination." Some call them "money slaves." In essence, Sydney Leathers asked for someone to pay for and send her gifts for the opportunity to sext with her.

A man going by the handle @BitchBoy took up the challenge. At first, Leathers did not know who he was. He kept his identity a closely guarded secret.

“He didn’t want me to know who he was,” she said. “He wouldn’t pay me normally through Paypal. He would get prepaid stuff. He even said something like ‘I’m not trying to be weird, but I can’t tell you who I am.'”

But she says @bitchboy4you slipped up. He sent her a gift of shoes and lingerie through Amazon, but the enclosed paperwork revealed his name.

“His name was on the billing stuff,” she said. So she Googled "Justin Moed."

“I noticed the campaign signs,” Leathers said. “It was too damn funny.”

Leathers says that Justin Moed was very graphic about his preferences.

“He was literally like telling me immediately he wanted to give me a strap-on to use on him,” she said. “A big black one. Later in our conversation, he admitted to me had been with a black guy before as a bottom.”

“He also talked about … I guess he had had a dominatrix before and she made him wear a French maid outfit and clean her house and clean her car he wanted to do that for me,” she said. “He also wanted to be in a closet tied up and be forced to watch me be with my boyfriend.”

Justin Moed's official tweets are protected and only open to people he allows to follow him. But his Twitter bio says he is:

State Representative for downtown Indy and the near south and west sides. Homeowner in Garfield Park. Graduate of Butler University. Urban Farmer.

Leathers says that her conversations with @bitchboy4you could have given her clues that he was another politico.

“He had told me he was a Democrat and we definitely talked about liberal issues a little bit,” she said.

The Twitter profile that she communicated with @bitchboy4you through is undergoing some changes, including removal of a profile photo of a man's naked backside. But, as one poster points out, you can't take something back once it's online.

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