Justin Bieber's Private Parts are "Hard to Blur"

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"The court acknowledges that we were all 19 at one time or another, some longer ago than others. But, ah, we do stupid things in our lives, we do foolish things in our lives. And this defendant, his expectation of privacy, should stay with him at all, at all chapters in his life and even beyond when he leaves this Earth."

Miami-Dade County Judge William Altfield ruled yesterday in regard to two video clips of Justin Bieber urinating in his jail cell after his January 23 arrest. In his ruling, the judge said that the singer's genitals will be blacked out in the video clips to protect his privacy.

The 20-year old Canadian pop star was arrested in late January while drag racing a rented Lamborghini in a residential neighborhood after leaving a club in Miami. He was charged with drunk driving, resisting arrest, and driving on an expired license.

According to the Huffington Post, the officer who arrested Bieber said, "I immediately smelled an odor of alcohol emanating from driver's breath and bloodshot eyes. The driver had slow deliberate movements and a stuper look on his face. I asked the driver to exit the vehicle to continue my investigation of a possible impaired driver. The driver stated: 'Why the fuck are you doing this?'"

Other video clips released earlier show Bieber walking unsteadily during a sobriety test, wavering as he tries to walk heel to toe, then stumbling slightly as he turns, his arms out for balance. Still photos were also taken showing his tattoos: a praying Jesus, a grinning joker's face accompanied by the word "love," an Indian chief's head, and a Psalms quotation.

Bieber's lawyer argued that all videos should be kept private, including the one that shows the singer's genitalia. However, Judge Atfield said they are relevant to the public's "right to know" because Florida's open records law gives the news media full access to documents, photographs and video collected by police unless there is a compelling reason to keep them private.

But, according to TMZ, Miami police are having technical difficulties blurring out Bieber's penis because they said he "moves as he pees."

It is not clear when any of the edited video clips will be released

A status hearing is set for Bieber's DUI case for March 11.

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