Justin Bieber Takes on Action Bronson, and Wins

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Justin Bieber can sing. He even plays the drums and the guitar, too. And he makes many a young girl (no longer Selena Gomez, sadly) swoon. But did you know he's pretty darn good at ping pong, too? In fact, he's so good that he took on hip hop recording artist Action Bronson--who plays the game often--and won.

The two were at SPiN--a ping pong club actress Susan Sarandon owns in New York City, when Action Bronson challenged Justin Bieber. Bieber appeared somewhat reluctant to play, which served, of course, to fuel Action Bronson's fire.

The Biebs finally said yes, and what happened next shocked everyone in the club.

Justin Bieber beat Action Bronson 21-0.

There were no doubt some wide eyes and open mouths at SPiN when the 'As Long As You Love Me' singer smoked his opponent.

What Justin Bieber didn't share at SPiN, is that he plays ping pong all the time. In fact, he even has a rider in his contract that states every time he is on tour, a ping pong table is set up near his dressing room. He reportedly plays 'incessantly.'

The word is out now, so the next time someone--Action Bronson, or anyone else who fancies themselves a decent ping pong player--invites Justin Bieber to play, they'll know they have a challenge on their hands.

Kimberly Ripley
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