Justin Bieber: More Charges On The Way

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Justin Bieber has managed to go a few weeks without getting into any trouble. He also dodged a charge for theft when a woman claimed that he took her phone from her purse when he caught her taking photos of him.

Bieber is still waiting on his charges from an incident that occurred a few months ago when Bieber was accused of egging his neighbor’s home along with some of his friends.

The prosecutor is expected to bring the charges against Bieber sometime next week. Bieber’s attorneys are claiming that Bieber and his friends were just playing a harmless prank on the neighbors and were not trying to harm them or their property.

Although Bieber could face felony charges, his attorneys are hoping that the judge will drop the charges to misdemeanors instead.

Bieber no longer lives at the property and has since moved and sold the home to Khloe Kardashian.

Bieber has been on his best behavior lately and has attempted to get back with his ex-girlfriend Selena Gomez.

Unfortunately, trouble seems to follow the young singer and on top of everything else that he has been through and is going through, he is also being sued by a man who claims Bieber hit him with his car a year ago.

The man claims that he was badly injured and may never recover and that his hospital bills are overwhelming him. His injuries include lacerations, hematomas, deep abrasions on his left knee and leg and deep venous thrombosis.

Bieber was investigated for the hit-and-run at the time it occurred, but was cleared. Details about the lawsuit were not available.

Do you think the man was really hurt as badly as he claims and how do you think Bieber is handling the stress of all his court dates and charges?

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