Justin Bieber Isn't Retiring, Says Newspaper Source


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In a move that seems very typical these days among pop stars, famed singer Justin Bieber said his next album will be his last.

"After the new album, uh, I'm actually, uh, I'm retiring man, I'm retiring," he revealed to radio personality Big Boy on station Power 106 in Los Angeles. Bieber's new album "Journals" is scheduled to be released on Dec 23 on iTunes and right after his shocking announcement, news quickly spread around the Internet that he would no longer be recording or doing performances

But not so fast, says a Daily News source, as the New York newspaper revealed that Bieber was just kidding and has no intentions of leaving the music industry.

Announcing one's retirement isn't all that uncommon these days for pop artists, as stars like Jay Z, Chris Brown and others have made similar claims, only to release more albums and continue touring. Perhaps Bieber, like other artists, are only trying to build anticipation for their albums and increase sales. Or maybe Bieber was just being a prankster and really had no ulterior motive.

Either way, it's unlikely the 19-year old star will call it quits, as he's been a fixture in pop music since his first major release "My World," in 2009. Plus, he's been known to communicate with his fans directly through social media, especially when it comes to making major announcements, and there's nothing on his Twitter account that would suggest that he's hanging up his microphone.

So if you consider yourself a "Belieber," which is what the singer calls his fans, there's probably no need to fret, because it's unlikely that he'd give up millions of dollars, adoring fans, and additional fame at the age of 19. Well, not unless he wears out his welcome and fans and the music industry push him out, which happens to the best of them.

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