Justin Bieber Fever In Miami?

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I got a fever and the only prescription is more Bieber or at least that's the case for hundreds of teenaged girls. Bieber is believed to be visiting Miami-Dade. JB tweeted a recent picture of himself outside standing in front of an iron fence with several precocious young ones in the background smiling and crying and what have you.

JB is supposedly inside The Hit Factory recording studio, recording his forthcoming album entitled "Believe". Bieber had a recent tweet saying:

According to the Miami Herald ,Thursday night hundreds of teens camped outside the studio hopeful to catch a glimpse of the "teen idol". Recent twitter photographs reveal JB skateboarding around the studio and hanging out with rapper L'il Wayne. Biber was in attendance of Monday night's Heat game as well; TV cameras captured him on in the audience. Biber currently has over 17 million followers on twitter and recently tweeted that he'd been "sleeping all day; working all night".