Justin Bieber And Kendall Jenner: Friends Or More?

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Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez are one of the hottest young couples in Hollywood.

Although they seem to break up almost every other week, they usually make up pretty quickly and get back together again in no time.

The two singers are currently broken up, and according to sources, it is all Kendall Jenner's fault.

Kendall has allegedly been texting Bieber for a while and although Selena didn't mind at first, after she saw some texts that she didn't like, she told Bieber that he was not allowed to text or be around Kendall any longer and stopped her own friendship with the new model too.

"Selena doesn't trust her motives," a source told Us Weekly of the Kendall Jenner, adding that she suggested in the texts that Bieber should hang out with her, angering Gomez.

"They fought and split," the source added, explaining that Bieber is still hoping to fix things with Selena "wants [Gomez] back."

While it may seem like Kendall has caused the breakup, another source, longtime Kardashian-Jenner family friend Jonathan Cheban, says that Kendall and Justin's relationship is harmless and not romantic. He claims that Kendall and Justin are just friends and that Justin is in love with Selena.

"[Gomez and Bieber] are a great couple," Cheban said. "I like them both. They're very cool and this is the best way to do a Hollywood relationship — they're on for a few months, they break up. Ultimately, if they loved each other, and they're settled down in a year or two, then they'll reconnect and keep it going. It seems like with the two of them, it's a forever thing. It does not end. It keeps going and going and I think it's awesome. They're a good match."

Do you believe that Kendall and Justin are just friends and Selena is overreacting?

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