Justin Beiber: Car Crash And "Hater" Troubles

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Justin Beiber was allegedly involved in a crash in Beverly Hills on Tuesday afternoon. He was reportedly a passenger in a Cadillac Escalade (what else?) that was going really fast in an attempt to shake ensuing paparazzi. The Escalade Justin Beiber rode in was struck by a BMW that was leaving a nearby parking structure.

Beiber reportedly left the scene in another car, but since he wasn't driving, didn't receive a reprimand. There was information exchanged, but no specific reports on who did the exchanging. However, unlike many other automobile shenanigans Justin Beiber has been involved in, this one doesn't appear to be his fault.

That's not even all that happened this week to Justin Beiber. Apparently, the pop star and bad boy has had some serious trouble with his new neighbors at a condo complex in which he rented two units.

After previous troubles with neighbors, and after leaving his Atlanta house for the condos in Beverly Hills, he has just decided that all his neighbors are haters. It's obviously not his fault. Poor Justin Beiber just can't get a break.

One such hater stated that, "The neighbors have already contacted the HOA because of excessive noise and marijuana. And we're told ... cops have been called twice."

Another hater neighbor up the hall said, "The smell of marijuana was permeating the floor."

I mean, so what if he wants to throw giant parties that last until four a.m. and smoke so much weed that "the entire penthouse floor was being hotboxed" or that "the smell of marijuana was permeating the floor".

They obviously don't appreciate the prestige gained in living so close to Justin Beiber and his band of hangers-on!

I'm so glad I'm not Justin Beiber's neighbor, but I think we can all feel for these poor haters. I wonder how long until he is on to destroy the lives of the next set of neighbors?

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