Just WTF Has NASA Done for You? New Site Gives You the Answers

Josh WolfordIT Management

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So, you've heard of NASA, right? Yeah, the space guys - the ones in the news recently for dropping a one-ton rover on the surface of Mars. Pretty impressive stuff if you ask me.

But, some people need to be convinced that NASA is worth the (paltry) portion of our national budget that they receive. If you think that NASA is only about moon landings, satellites, space stations, and dirt-collection robots, then you need to check out a new site called WTF NASA.

"What the f-ck has NASA done to make your life awesome?" That's the question for which you can find answers on Northeastern student Jacob Mulligan's site. Visitors are greeted with a simple fact about something that NASA research has been instrumental in providing for the public - for instance UV sunglasses. Each factoid is presented with a blip of explanation, and the ability to choose whether the information did the trick (convinced the person the NASA is worth it, I guess).

There's also a safe for work version, if people around your camp frown upon the f-word.

I'm all for anything that's pro-NASA, and this site definitely highlights some of the unknown benefits of our space program in a humorous fashion. But I'm not sure we need practical, everyday examples of things NASA has done for the public. They just put a giant rover on Mars, for pete's sake. I shudder to think that exploration on its own merits just isn't good enough for some people anymore.

Josh Wolford
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