Jury Awards Apple $290 Million In Samsung Lawsuit


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The AFP and the San Jose Mercury News reported an important update today on the lawsuit between Apple and Samsung: an eight-person jury from Silicon Valley has awarded Apple $290 million for Samsung's apparent copying of iPhone and iPad designs, which it used in 13 devices.

This latest award brings Apple's total damages up to a staggering $900 million from the entire infringement suit against Samsung. The jury valued the Samsung Infuse 4G at $100 million, and the Droid Charge at $60 million.

Apple's first suit against Samsung was filed with Australian courts in 2011. Apple had requested that the country ban the Samsung Galaxy tablet computer on the basis that Samsung violated no less than three copyrights.

Previously, Apple's lawyer had asked for $379 million in damages for patent violations on the part of Samsung. They argued that number based on the profits Apple lost, and the profits that Samsung gained from selling the infringing devices. Samsung was portrayed as a hobgoblin that pirated Apple's designs to keep up in the competitive smartphone and tablet markets.

Across the aisle, Samsung's lawyers argued that Apple was portraying their patents as more valuable than they are, and that Apple is overestimating their importance to consumers.

Where a consumer might buy an Apple iPhone for the brand, Samsung argued, a Samsung smartphone may be purchased for: the larger screen; Android operating system; and affordability,not because it resembles an Apple product. Samsung placed the damages at $52 million.

The dueling tech-giants are far from finished with one another. Another trial is scheduled in March over more patent violations on Samsung's part. Unfortunately, by the time that suit goes to court, the case will have fallen even further behind the releases of new devices from both companies.

Regardless of how the appeals get resolved, Apple and Samsung will continue to battle for their chunk of the smart-device market. According to an IDC survey, Samsung currently has the bigger market share at 31.4 percent while Apple's share slipped from 14.4 percent to 13.1 percent.

[Image via Wikimedia Commons]