Julie Chen Tours New "Big Brother" House

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Julie Chen seems to be as excited as the rest of us that Big Brother is getting ready to premiere next week.

As the show's host, Julie Chen gets the early dish on what the guests will be doing and, more importantly, where they'll be staying.

Julie Chen got to tour this season's house recently and took along Entertainment Tonight's Kevin Frazier.

The Big Brother house looks amazing and even Julie Chen seemed impressed!

The house has a very beachy feel to it and includes fun touches like a wave wall that stretches 22 feet into the air and a 155 foot skybridge lounge with a plexiglass floor.

Starting off the week right with @Mel_Rivers at #TheTalk table!

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Julie Chen said of this particular feature, "This sky bridge lounge has a very Vegas-y feel to it, except what happens in the Big Brother house doesn't stay in the Big Brother house."

Not even close.

To make sure nothing stays a secret, the house is also fully equipped with 122 two-way mirrors, 80 cameras, and 100 microphones.

I just couldn't live like that! Well, maybe I could. Temporarily. For $500,000.


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Julie Chen pointed out the second purpose for all of those two-way mirrors, saying, "We're always on our toes as to when is it appropriate for us to jump in or jump out."

Of course, Julie Chen will continue on in her role as a co-host of The Talk.

When Julie Chen was asked about what would happen if The Talk and Big Brother were to combine, she had some surprising ideas.

Julie Chen said, "I definitely would want an alliance with Sara Gilbert."

Good choice! Sara definitely doesn't seem to be the type that would go down quickly without a fight.

She added, "Who would I want out first? You can't vote out one of your besties. I'd just leave it up to Sara."

I don't know if that plan would work out for Julie Chen or not! But, it sounds pretty entertaining for the rest of us!

Are you ready to see Julie Chen on Big Brother again?

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