Julianne Hough To Do Summer Dance Tour With Her Brother

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Julianne Hough and her brother Derek toured the U.S. last year with what they call a "rock concert for dance", and the duo announced on Good Morning America this week that they want to do it again.

The tour was hugely successful, spread out over 40 cities last summer. This time around, the Move Live On Tour will give fans an even bigger show, which kicks off in June.

“Last year we said it was a rock concert for dance and this year it’s going to just be a bigger rock concert for dance. Our whole goal behind it is that the way that you move directly affects the way that you feel, so we get out in the audience," Julianne Hough said. “We bring people up on stage. We’re singing. We’re dancing. We’re doing funny skits and competition and that whole thing,” she said.

The Hough siblings have had a successful career on the hit show Dancing With The Stars, which Julianne returned to for the most recent season as a judge rather than a dancer. She mentioned the dance tour late last year in a statement about her new role on the show.

“I’ve always aspired to be an all-around entertainer, whether I’m acting, dancing or singing, and I’m thrilled for this opportunity that will allow me to continue all of those pursuits. Derek and I just finished our Move Live on Tour, which reminded me how much I miss the interaction with the dance fans that have been so supportive of me in my career. I am warming up the paddles and the sass, and I’m ready to have fun in this new role," Hough said.

Hough recently signed on to play Sandy in a live version of Grease, which will air on Fox next year. The dancer says she's excited about the role, but is understandably nervous.

“That is a huge dream come true and also very nerve-wracking. I’m excited.”

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