Julianne Hough Opens Up About New Boyfriend

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Recently, we ran a story about Julianne Hough's dating life and how she wasn't in a rush to be coupled off with anyone, but now she's opening up about her hockey boyfriend Brooks Laich and said she couldn't be more content. But, she was initially a bit hesitant to reveal any details about the relationship.

"You know I'm not going to talk about that," she said in a recent radio interview. But then she broke down and starting talking about Laich a little bit.

"He's a wonderful guy," she said. "I'm very lucky that my friend I shot Curve with, the movie I just did, introduced us."

An inside source for Us Weekly said Hough and Laich are ideal for each other and they have loads in common, like sports. "It works out well," said the source. "They're having fun. She's happier than ever."

But it's not just Hough that's opening up about her new love, Laich is doing the same, as he spoke with a separate radio station and admitted that he feels extremely fortunate to be dating the blonde beauty. He also went into detail about how they met.

"I'm a pretty lucky guy," he said. "On set, apparently, he (the mutual friend) was talking with Julianne, and then asked her if she'd been seeing anyone, and she said no or whatever, and I guess he was watching our hockey game at the time," described Laich. "I guess he just showed her the iPad and said, 'Well I've got a guy for you.'"

In an interview with the E! Channel, Hough also spoke about her workout regimen and said she actually had to slow down a bit, because she was exercising too much.

"It's been a challenge and I'm not going to lie," she said. "I went through ups and downs and fluctuating. This last year has been about moderation and not killing my body and sleeping. Honestly, doing workouts throughout the day. I'll just be sitting there, doing my tricep dips or something. Just anywhere."

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