Juliana Redding Murder Trial Set To Begin

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Juliana Redding, a young aspiring actress and model whose ambition brought her from Arizona to California, never got to see her dreams come to light. In 2008, she was found strangled and beaten to death in her Santa Monica home. Now, a trial is set to begin for her accused murderer.

Kelly Sue Park, the alleged murderer, worked for a man named Munir Uwaydah, who is a physician with whom Redding's father entered into a business deal. Just a few days before Redding was killed, her father backed out of the deal. Prosecutors believe Uwaydah paid Park $250,000 to carry out a hit on Redding in retaliation, but while Park has been linked to Redding's murder through DNA evidence, Uwaydah hasn't been charged.

Park is now due in court to begin trial for the killing, though she is free on bond at the moment.

Amanda Crum
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