Julia Roberts Reveals Who Wears the Pants in Her Household, Turns Out It's Her Kids

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Julia Roberts has revealed who rules the roost in her household and it's neither she nor her husband Daniel Moder.

According to the 48-year-old actress, it's her three children that tend to dictate what transpires in the Moder home.

"I used to have a private library," Roberts revealed to Germany's TV Direkt magazine. "But at some point I decided it's better for books to circulate than gather dust on a shelf. Now my kids have taken over the whole house!"

Married to Moder since 2002, the couple have three kids together - twins Phinnaeus and Hazel, 11, and Henry, eight.

While the world thinks of Roberts as a mega-celebrity and the star of films like Pretty Woman and Notting Hill, she is just mom to her kids and they don't like to advertise that their mom is so famous.

"My daughter once came home from school and said one of her classmates had asked her if I was THE Julia Roberts - she said no!" Julia laughed. "That's not a lie to her, because I'm just mom, not a movie star."

In Hollywood, a 13-year marriage is something of an oddity, but Julia concedes that it take a lot of work to make any marriage last.

"No matter what they dig up or claim about us, we've invested a lot in one another," she said. "My friend once said to me: 'If you want an interesting relationship, you have to be up to it.' And she's right."

The couple not only manage their household together, they also collaborate professionally, with Daniel serving as cameraman for Julia Roberts' most recent project, Secret in Their Eyes.

Pam Wright