Julia Roberts Gives Advice To Her Niece Emma

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If Julia Roberts had one wish for her niece Emma Roberts, it would be to stay exactly the same, according to an interview she gave to the Los Angeles Times.

"When [Emma} comes to stay with us, I always think, 'Please let her be the same' and she is still the same magical girl she used to be," said Roberts. "I think so much of it has to do with your intentions in taking on a business like this. If you have a pure view of what you want to accomplish, I think you can maintain your sense of self."

Believe it or not, it's been 25 years since Roberts bursts onto the scene with the coming-of-age-film "Mystic Pizza," where she instantly became America's sweetheart and Hollywood's It girl all at once. And since that time a lot has changed in Tinsel Town, like the ruthlessness of the paparazzi, the invention of social media and movies overall.

But what's changed the most in Hollywood since the "Mystic Pizza" days is Roberts herself, and that has everything to do with motherhood, says famed director Garry Marshall, who worked with Roberts in the film "Pretty Woman."

"When I met her, she was worried about dating and how she looked and her career," Marshall said. "And now she worries about being a mom. I think she's good at that part."

And when it comes to choosing movie roles, Roberts says she's extremely selective, but admits that she's always been selective, and wanting to spend time with her children have very little to do with that.

"I think people like to say that I'm super picky because of how much I love my kids," she noted. "But as an actor, I sort of pride myself on the fact that I've always been picky. There's a couple things at play. For one, I'm 46 years old, so falling out of chairs isn't as funny. I could break a hip. Certain scenarios that worked 10 years ago aren't as appealing, as applicable, as believable, as original--all those things."

Now if only more Hollywood actors and actresses would think that way.

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