Julia Roberts Gets Nailed in 'Face Balls' Game With Jimmy Fallon — Hilarious Video

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This has got to be the funniest video in a long, long time, and Julia Roberts is truly a great sport!

During a "Face Balls" dual with Jimmy Fallon Thursday night on the Tonight Show, the Pretty Woman took one for the team. And it was a doozy!

"Face Balls" is a game where the contestants, in this case Julia and Jimmy, each threw inflatable balls of varying sizes at each other's faces — always great fun!

Jimmy let Julia throw the first ball because she "is our guest." How gallant of him!

She asked jokingly, "Are you fully insured?"

Jimmy assured her that she was clear to let it rip.

The 46-year-old actress hurled the ball at Jimmy's face, and the slow-mo playback shows Jimmy's face getting squished by the clear, inflatable ball.

"You didn't have to throw it so hard!" said Jimmy. "You flattened my nose! My face crumpled!"

Then it was Jimmy's turn to throw the ball at Julia.

"I feel bad doing it," he admitted, saying, "You're America's Sweetheart! I love you! I love having you on the show—please come back! I'm sorry!"

After the first round was completed, he brought out a much larger ball for round two.

"The balls are bigger now!" quipped the late-night host.

"There are so many jokes, it's giving me a headache," said Julia.

"Make your own jokes!" retorted Jimmy.

Julia took her turn throwing the bigger ball.

"I think I'm better handling big balls," she said innocently enough — or not.

A few fans in the audience reacted to the comment to which Julia said, "Oh good, the porn section of the audience got that. This is like the comedy version of Fifty Shades of Grey."

When Jimmy took his turn to throw the ball at Julia, he was not so merciful! He let it rip!

The best part of the whole encounter is the slow motion playback of Julia's face receiving the ball. It is absolutely hilarious, as is her reaction watching the playback!

Here's the full video:

Seriously can't stop laughing!

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