Judge Judy to be Featured in Prime Time Special

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Judge Judy is heading to primetime!

Judy Sheindlin, America's favorite TV judge, will be featured in a one-hour special for CBS, Judge Judy Primetime, which will feature exceprts from the 1993 60 Minutes profile that helped elevate her to celebrity status, as well as the 2003 60 Minutes piece, which checked in on her 10 years later.

The special will also include some new cases and highlight her transition from New York Family Court Judge to the beloved, no-nonsense TV judge.

In the 1990s, Sheindlin had the reputation of being one of the toughest family court judges in the country. On May 21, 1993, Joseph Wapner was released from the original courtroom show, The People's Court. Sheindlin reportedly called the program and said, "You know, if he doesn't want to do this show any more, I can do it." Apparently the receptionist responded, "Are you crazy, lady?" and hung up.

Following that interlude, a Los Angeles Times article about the judge led to the 60 Minutes report, and the rest is history.

Her syndicated daytime series, Judge Judy, debuted in 1996 and has been a highly rated show for years.

It's hard to refrain from watching her do her thing – putting people in their place without ever flinching.

Here's what some of her fans say about her on Twitter:

Judge Judy Primetime will air May 20 at 8 PM/9 PM on CBS.

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