Juan Pablo Galavis Defends Actions on 'Bachelor'

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People Magazine posted a blog yesterday from Juan Pablo Galavis, contestant for The Bachelor, who recently ended the series with no proposal and no "I love you".

"As my experience ended, I finally sat down for a second to analyze how everything started and how everything ended." Galavis wrote, "I decided to take the chance to be The Bachelor, even though it was something that I had never thought I would do because I had never seen the show before."

After being eliminated on the The Bachelorette, Galavis was picked to star in the eighteenth season of The Bachelor. As he wrote in his blog, "Chris Harrison said, "In the history of this show, no guy has made a greater impact with less screen time." Have you thought about why people apparently liked me at the time? Why I didn't have that much screen time? Well, so you guys understand a little bit more, it is because of my honesty and that I don't like drama at all – something that viewers appreciated from the little they saw of me on The Bachelorette."

However, Galavis' time on the show was tumultuous at best. Controversy arose from skinny dipping on the show, and he was criticized by one of the shows previous stars, Sean Lowe, for demanding privacy:

"Some people don't like me, hate me and wish me the worst." Galavis wrote, "There are some that still see me as the guy before Vietnam, that cares about his daughter, that cares about other people (especially the 27 women who took the time to meet me), jokes around a lot, is sarcastic, likes to dance, drama-free, who wants a family and is very honest – like I said before, maybe too honest for this reality show – and it's okay."

Nikki Ferrell was chosen by Galavis in the final rose ceremony, but did not receive a proposal or an "I love you". Lowe was quick to support Galavis in a Twitter post:

After the show's finale, Galavis has repeatedly posted on social media on his ongoing relationship with Ferrell:

They have not posted any plans of marriage.

Image via Juan Pablo Galavis, YouTube

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