Josh Romney: Saving Lives and Bragging About it


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Josh Romney saved some lives, but he is also the victim of scorn today all over social media. No, not because he is the son of a losing presidential candidate, but because of his flawless execution of "The Humblebrag."

The Humblebrag has probably existed since the first human interaction, but its use has been accelerated by the "look at me" tendencies encouraged by social media.

On Thanksgiving, Josh Romney performed an exceptional Humblebrag that may not be topped for a while. He incorporated the use of super-heroism and the current holiday along with an candid exclusive photograph for the Flawless Humblebrag Execution.

View it in its full glory here:

Note how Romney casually leans on the car door with a winning smile as we slowly realize that there is actually a car in a house.

In all honesty, I am sure that the people Romney saved from this car don't mind the Humblebrag at all; at least he didn't just take a picture and speed away to post it online for retweets as some have done.

If the Humblebrag has now intrigued you, get your fill at the HumbleBrag account dedicated solely to boastful humility.

[image: Twitter]