Josh McDaniels Set To Interview For Cleveland Browns Coaching Position

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After a series of coaches were fired yesterday, one team has already started the process of getting its replacement.

Josh McDaniels did not have the success that a head coach would like the first time he was given the opportunity, but perhaps the second time around will give him the opportunity to succeed.

Josh McDaniels previously served as the head coach of the Denver Broncos during the 2009 season, but was fired soon after in 2010.

Josh McDaniels has been chosen as a candidate for the position of head coach of the Cleveland Browns, and is set to interview with the team in relation to their recent coaching vacancy.

McDaniels is currently serving as the offensive coordinator for the New England Patriots, a position that is easy get success from while working with players like Tom Brady.

Tom Brady has worked closely with him as a coach for the past few years, and as one of the top offenses in the NFL, they know how to work well with each other.

Brady spoke highly of McDaniels when saying "He's so prepared; he's so confident in what he does. He figures out a way every week to get us in the best position as players to win. I have so much respect for him and what he does for me, what he does for our team. He's just a great coach."

Yesterday, a handful of NFL coaches were fired from their positions in an event that has become known as the black Monday firings. The most notable coaches who were fired were Mike Shanahan, coach of the Washington Redskins, and Jim Schwartz, coach of the Detroit Lions.

Both teams were in the playoffs last season, and after disappointing seasons for both teams, the coaches were forced out. In addition, the position was made available for Josh McDaniels when Rob Chudzinski was fired.

The coaches of the Tampa Bay Bucanneers, Minnesota Vikings, and Houston Texans have all been fired in the past few weeks, while Gary Kubiak was the only one to lose his job before the end of the season, during a horrible season for the Texans, after they had high expectations coming into the season.

Rob Chudzinski was fired as the head coach of the Cleveland Browns after only one season. Whether Josh McDaniels will accept the job if it is offered is unknown, and after forming a strong bond with the players in staff in New England, he may choose to stay put. Does he have what it takes to finally improve the Cleveland Browns?

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