Josh Gordon's New Tattoo Has Gone Viral [PHOTO]

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These days, it seems that everybody has tattoos, which has definitely taken away some of the cool factor associated with them, because years ago, a tattoo or a whole tattoo sleeve symbolized toughness, or documented some sort of important life experience.

But these days tattoos are nothing more than a fashion accessory, kind of like a hat or a bracelet, and because so many people have them, they represent the same amount of edge as these things.

However, sometimes a person will get a tattoo that stands out, because it's not the typical image or it's so unique that it goes viral, and that's exactly what's happening with football player Josh Gordon's tattoo, as it seems to be making the Internet rounds pretty quickly.

The colossal sized image takes up Gordon's entire back and is comprised of his team number, number 12, his last name in big prominent letters, and a pink colored fish surrounded by some sort of design. With everything together, the tattoo looks pretty intricate and gives the eye several things to look at, which is clearly why it's gone viral over the past day or so.

However, there have been numerous trade rumors surrounding Gordon, and if he gets sent to another team, he may have to change his number, so getting the number 12 tattooed on himself might have been a little premature.

But according to Dino Barber, who coached Gordon in college, Cleveland would be foolish to let Gordon go, because Barber says he's the absolute best player he's ever been associated with. "Josh Gordon is the most talented guy I've ever coached," he said in a past interview.

"I can say that very easily. I've had over 30 wide receivers make the NFL, and not just get on the team, but actually get paid--30 millionaires and I could line up the other 29 guys and say that Josh Gordon is the most talented guy that I've ever coached."

Image via Wikimedia Commons

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