Josh Duggar Reportedly Had An Ashley Madison Account

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Josh Duggar, the eldest and recently disgraced son of 19 Kids And Counting stars Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar, reportedly had not one, but two accounts with cheating site Ashley Madison.

According to recently leaked documents from hackers, Duggar started an account on the site--which hooks up people who want to have an extra-marital affair--in 2013 using a credit card in his name, with a billing address matching the Fayetteville, Arkansas home featured on the show. In 2014, he allegedly started a new account from his Maryland home, where he and wife Anna lived with their children while he worked his high-profile job at the Family Research Council. The leaked docs show that Josh paid $986.76 for the accounts over a period of two years and reportedly paid extra for an "affair guarantee", which Ashley Madison users could purchase to insure their affair within three months.

Hackers threatened the site earlier this year, saying they would expose the personal information of 37 million users. While some doubted the hackers would follow through--mainly due to the amount of money they could have made by simply selling the information on the black market--others worried about the damage the leaked files could do to millions of married couples everywhere. Now, it appears the Duggar family have one more scandal to add to the list.

Josh Duggar made headlines in May of this year when reports were leaked online showing that he had confessed to molesting several underage girls when he was 14 years old, including his sisters, Jessa and Jill. Both women sat down for an interview with Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly following the backlash, saying they had forgiven Josh, but fans weren't so quick to follow suit. TLC quickly did damage control by canceling the show, but rumors are swirling that Jessa and Jill might get their own spinoff due to their extreme popularity.

Josh Duggar has not responded to the Ashley Madison scandal.

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