Josh Duggar: Is He Under Suicide Watch in Light of '19 Kids and Counting' Cancellation?

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Josh Duggar is definitely the reason behind TLC's cancellation of 19 Kids and Counting. The network can't even create a spinoff given the way Josh's scandal has tarnished the Duggar family name. Since shortly after his sexual molestation scandal broke in the media, Josh has kept a very low profile. He resigned from his job and moved his family--pregnant wife Anna Duggar and their three children--back to Arkansas. He hasn't appeared in any photos in which the Duggar family has gathered.

Less than a month ago, a report surfaced, claiming Josh Duggar was depressed and possibly even suicidal. Do you suppose he is now under suicide watch in light of the cancellation of his family's reality show?

“Josh has seen his world and his family’s world crumble,” a source said in June. “And he knows that it’s all his fault. He can never rebound himself from this. He is hiding away leaving his loved ones fearing the worst, [that] he will do something drastic.”

Being devout, conservative Christians means the Duggar family shouldn't even consider the notion of suicide. But as anyone with even remote knowledge of the taking of one's life understands, religious beliefs seldom enter into the act when someone becomes distraught enough to consider it.

People considering suicide require serious clinical, psychological--and often psychiatric--help. Hopefully if there is any indication that Josh Duggar is suicidal, someone will insist he get this kind of help--immediately.

Also weighing on Josh Duggar is the notion that TLC will air a documentary special in August. That special will discuss child sexual abuse, and it will feature two of Josh Duggar's victims--his sisters Jill Duggar Dillard and Jessa Duggar Seewald.

While Josh Duggar certainly committed some unthinkable crimes, he also is a human being with a wife and family. If he is experiencing any kind of suicidal tendencies, one can only pray his family will recognize them and insist on intervening with resources. While the Duggar family strongly believes in the power of prayer, it's unlikely they can pray suicidal thoughts away, however. Outside help is needed.

Do you think it's possible that Josh Duggar might be experiencing thoughts of suicide in light of the cancellation of 19 Kids and Counting?

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