Jordan XX9 Shoes Designed as "Best Performance Basketball Shoe Ever"

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After two years and twenty people, the new Jordan XX9 shoes have been revealed. Although you can look at pictures of the shoe and hear about the design online, Nike will not release it until September, right at the start of basketball season. You will also have to pay 225 dollars if you want a pair of your own.

To be fair, many were expecting a much higher price.

One of those was Jordan Zirm of STACK, who placed the price as high as 275 dollars. He did managed to predict a fall release date and "another radical design".

As far is design is concerned, look no further than the designer of the shoe, Vice President of Creative Concepts Tinker Hatfield:

“In the past, we’ve drawn inspiration from myriad places—everything from fighter jets to motorcycles—and have ended up with some pretty fun designs along the way,” Hatfield was quoted on Nike's website, This year, our inspiration and challenge to ourselves was to create the best performance basketball shoe ever—and I think the XX9 and the performance-woven upper pay that off.”

Not only built for “players who play at a high level and need to move quickly yet need stability," Hatfield told USA Today that the shoe is also made for the general consumer, "This is part of the legacy of the Jordan line. Numerous times over the years, the shoes have not been like any other — over and over and over again. We’re really proud of this one. It’s the most advanced way to make a product I’ve ever seen. … It’s next-level for sure.”

Image via Nike

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