Joran Van Der Sloot Says Eyewitness To Natalee Halloway's Murder Is A 'Crackhead'

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It seems that the Natalee Holloway’s case has reached another dead end as Aruba’s prosecutor dismissed an eyewitness’ claims that he saw Joran van der Sloot kill the American teenager.

The claims were made last week by Jurrien De Jong, a new witness who alleged that he saw primary suspect Joran van der Sloot chase Holloway into a building before hiding her body in a crawl space.

The allegations were enough to drive Aruban authorities to look into the case again. It also prompted Holloway’s father to return to Aruba with a private investigator and a cadaver dog to follow up the lead.

But a statement released by the office of Aruba’s Chief Prosecutor Eric Olthof debunks De Jong’s testimony.

The Prosecutor’s office requested for information regarding the Marriott hotel’s Spyglass Tower construction site at the alleged time frame, specifically “what was built and what was not yet built” on the night of Holloway’s disappearance.

Based on the information provided "it becomes indisputably clear that on the 30th of May 2005, no construction or building activities were started at the location that Mr. De Jong has specifically pointed out as the spot where Natalee Holloway would have been hidden and/or buried.”

In short, the missing teenager could not have been hidden or buried on the site.

Joran van der Sloot has also spoken out against De Jong, calling him “a crackhead, a f***ing liar, a compulsive liar.”

Van der Sloot, who’s serving time in a Peruvian prison for the murder of another young woman, told his lawyer that he knows De Jong as “someone who sold drugs in Aruba to all of his friends.”

Maximo Altez, van der Sloot’s lawyer, also said his client is advising the Holloways to disregard De Jong’s statement.

“You know the mind of a crackhead, he’ll do anything to get money, and that’s all he wants,” Altez said. “You shouldn’t waste your time listening to him.”

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