Joran Van Der Sloot: Peru Wants Full Sentence Served


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It was one of the most talked about cases nearly ten years ago: A beautiful blonde teenage girl in an exotic location suddenly vanishes and is never seen again.

The disappearance of Natalie Holloway remains one of the most heart-breaking cold cases in recent history. The man many felt to be responsible for her death, Joran van der Sloot, was never actually charged.

He is now wanted in the United States to answer for federal charges including extortion and wire fraud. Allegedly, van der Sloot toyed with the desperate family of Holloway by offering them leads that went nowhere in exchange for money.

The American Justice system eagerly awaits another crack at the Dutch national, but it's a wait that will go on for 26 years.

Peru has told the United States that the 26-year-old will not be extradited until after he serves time for the murder of Stephanie Flores.

The 21-year-old Peruvian woman was murdered because according to van der Sloot, she had seen something damning on his computer about the Holloway murder case. Whether or not it was evidence of his responsibility remains unclear. Whatever Flores saw, it was enough to make the Dutch national silence the woman forever.

After killing Flores, van der Sloot stole her valuables, money, credit cards, and van. He then fled across the border into Chile where he was arrested days later.

The evidence against van der Sloot for the murder of Flores was exceedingly strong, and he eventually confessed to the crime. The Peruvian court system sentenced van der Sloot to 28 years for the murder of Flores in 2012.

Peru is determined to make him serve every single day for the murder before handing him over to the United States.

That day may never come as van der Sloot is fighting extradition every step of the way and going to some rather desperate extremes:

Of course 26 years is a long time, even for a "convict groupie". There's nothing to say he won't be a divorcee when the time comes to extradite.

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