Jonas Brothers Confirm their Break Up

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The Jonas Brothers, which includes Kevin, Nick, and Joe Jonas, have made it official...they are breaking up.

The decision was mutual and comes just a few weeks after they announced they were cancelling their tour due to a "deep rift within the band" and a "disagreement over their music direction".

"It's over for now," Kevin Jonas says. "It's really hard to say 'forever,' " says Nick. "We're closing a chapter, for sure." "It was a unanimous decision," says Joe.

During a meeting on October 3, Nick Jones admitted to his brothers that he had serious concerns about the band. "I was feeling kind of trapped," he said. "I needed to share my heart with my brothers."

The Jonas Brothers formed their band in 2005 and released their first album the next year. Their most recent album was released in 2009 and was titled, "Lines, Vines and Trying Times,". There was talk of releasing another album this year, but it seems as though that probably won't happen.

On October 22, both Nick and Joe tweeted similar tweets saying to "bear with them". It's not clear what they were talking about, but most likely about the band trying to keep it together.

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