Jon Kitna Signs With Dallas Cowboys As Insurance For Tony Romo


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Any fan of the NFL is aware of the recent struggles of the Dallas Cowboys, and as Tony Romo continues to struggle, it only makes sense that the Cowboys would bring in someone new.

Jon Kitna has been signed, and as a veteran, the Cowboys hope that he will be able to help their quarterback situation somehow.

The Dallas Cowboys are currently in second place in the NFC East, although they have the chance to make the playoffs with a win against the Philadelphia Eagles this Sunday, who currently hold the first place position with a record of 9-6.

Jon Kitna, at the age of 41, has been signed on as the 3rd string quarterback, and whether he will play, or make a difference on the team will have to be determined in the future of the team.

Kitna was the Cowboys' backup quarterback 2009-2011, and started in nine games during 2010 during the last time that Tony Romo was sidelined with an injury.

In addition to the shortcomings of Tony Romo's play on the field, he has also suffered a recent injury, and is likely to sit out of possibly their final game of the season. The Cowboys were in control of the division for part of the season, but they are now stuck with a record of 8-7, and will be lucky to make the playoffs with or without Tony Romo.

Tony Romo's health has been a big topic of speculation, and while he seems to be ruled out of week 17's game, coach Jason Garrett has said that his status is still undecided. If the Cowboys are to miss out on the playoffs again, it has also been speculated that much of the coaching stuff will be fired. That may be the case if Tony Romo is stuck in the bench, forcing the coaching stuff to be abandoned.

They had the lead against the Green Bay Packers in a game that they controlled throughout, Romo threw multiple interceptions late in the game, which allowed the Packers to come back in the game and win.

With the exception of their lucky comeback win against the Redskins last weekend, one of the worst teams in the division, the Cowboys have been struggling to find a way to win, and lost their previous two games.

Kyle Orton is planning to start in week 17 against the Eagles, while Jon Kitna will come in to replace him if necessary.

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