Jon Hamm Advice: Mad Men Star Helps Teenage Girls

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Jon Hamm, "Mad Men" star and freakishly cool human being, recorded a clip for's "Ask a Grown Man" advice column. The video, which features a scruffy Hamm in a Cardinals World Series t-shirt, finds the talented actor answering questions posed to him by teenage girls. It's an amusing clip, for sure, though it seems to lack Hamm's trademark wit. In fact, it looks like the guy just rolled out of bed, threw on what was nearby, and hit RECORD.

"Farting is farting. Everybody farts", Hamm explains to an anonymous user who is embarrassed that she accidentally broke wind in front of her boyfriend. He goes on to suggest the book "Everybody Poops", a tome designed to teach children about the world of, well, pooping.

In addition to dealing with problems related to the female gastrointestinal system, Hamm ventures into territories that he seems a little uncomfortable discussing. When a girl asks if it's a "big deal" that she wants to do "stuff" with her older boyfriend, Hamm nimbly dodges the question, claiming he's not qualified to serve up advice on such a touchy subject without knowing precisely what sort of "stuff" she's talking about.

"Use your best judgment", the 41 year-old actor says before moving on.

All in all, the clip is essential viewing for those of you who can't get enough Hamm in your diet. After running through five questions in a little over four minutes, Hamm signs off by saying, "You're probably too young to watch 'Mad Men'. Enjoy 'The Hunger Games'."

In addition to Hamm, actors Paul Rudd and BJ Novak have contributed to the online series.

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