Jon Gosselin Reportedly Left a Kitten Behind When Evicted

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When former Jon and Kate Plus 8 star Jon Gosselin hit the skids, he went out spectacularly.

For a while, there have been rumors and reports that Gosselin was having a tough time financially. There were “insiders” who claimed that Kate was not allowing Jon to have visitation with their eight children that he is entitled to in their divorce.

Others said that Jon felt he was entitled to a percentage of what Kate might be making from any reality TV shows that she might be doing, since she came to her own fame by way of a show that he had a hand in making.

Jon was said to be waiting tables, then unemployed.

Then came the news that Jon had been evicted from his home for non-payment of rent.

“He could no longer afford the rent,” an insider told E! News. "He has moved out and is already in a new place in the same neighborhood. The job at the credit card company he was working for didn't pan out. The anticipated income wasn't there and the situation deteriorated."

That news was embarrassing enough. But then came the story that, when Gosselin moved out, he left a mess in the place, and abandoned a kitten there.

Gosselin’s landlord, Linda Eways, told Star:

“I showed up to take a look at the house after Jon was supposed to have been entirely moved out, and what I found completely shocked and infuriated me. Garbage and other debris were scattered throughout the house, while white walls and doors inside bore damage from Jon’s dog. I was so frustrated by the entire situation that I had to leave and give him one more day to entirely move."

Eways told Star that Jon did not return for the kitten he left behind.

"We called Jon and asked him about the kitten, and he seemed unconcerned, saying it belonged to his ex girlfriend Liz [Janetta], who left in September. He just left her there. It broke my heart, but we adopted her."

Eways said that Gosselin was always confident that he could come up with the rent arrears, but never quite made it.

"Jon never came up with the money and was squatting in our home for four months. It's a shame because we offered to make his payment plan as easy as possible. He would always laugh off any help and tell us that he had plenty of money and didn’t need a mortgage, because he could have easily paid for the house in cash."

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