Jon Gosselin Reportedly Evicted From His Home


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Jon Gosselin is always making headlines for his strained relationship with his estranged ex-wife Kate.

The Kate Plus 8 star has reportedly made it difficult for him to have a healthy relationship with his eight children. But, now it looks like Jon has bigger issues than the disagreements he's known for having with her.

According to E! News, he has been evicted from his home. An insider close to the former Jon & Kate star has reportedly confirmed the news.

The insider also shared details about his eviction.

"It's true," the insider confirmed. "The eviction happened last week. He could no longer afford the rent. He has moved out and is already in a new place in the same neighborhood," the insider explained.

Star Magazine also reported that Jon "agreed to the terms of a rent-to-own lease agreement for the $299,000 property," but unfortunately, he "broke the lease, thinking he could just rent the property after agreeing to the rent-to-own contractual agreement."

Jon was reportedly employed with a credit card company. But, the job didn't turn out like he'd initially hoped.

The publication also reported that he failed to pay four months rent and bounced numerous checks prior to being evicted.

"The job at the credit card company he was working for didn't pan out. The anticipated income wasn't there and the situation deteriorated."

Another insider also revealed how he's dealing with the aftermath. The unfortunate setback is also rather disheartening for his eight children.

Since Jon is not allowed inside Kate's home, he was reportedly taking them to the home he just lost. According to the source, his new place isn't big enough to accommodate all of the children.

"The saddest part of it is he now has nowhere to take the kids. He's not allowed at the house, so he was taking them to his old apartment. But the new one is too small for eight children. It's heartbreaking."