Jon Gosselin: Did He Remove Daughter Hannah from Kate Gosselin's Care? Was He Granted Emergency Custody?

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Jon Gosselin reportedly removed daughter Hannah Gosselin from mom Kate Gosselin's care, taking emergency custody of the 11-year-old sextuplet.

According to a report from RadarOnline, Hannah Gosselin complained to Jon Gosselin about her mother's alleged cruelty back on April 23rd.

Jon Gosselin contacted his local Pennsylvania child services and was granted emergency custody, allowing him to take Hannah to his home.

“Kate showed up to Jon’s house and stood in the street screaming for Hannah to come home,” a source tells Radar. “But Hannah wouldn’t leave.”

The Kate Plus 8 star then reportedly called the cops on Jon Gosselin three days later, telling them he had threatened her and had left Hannah alone at night while working as a DJ.

Hannah Gosselin returned home to her mom four days later.

“Jon will be filing a petition to modify custody, and if he gets it, he’ll be contacting TLC to put a stop to filming,” the source says. “Hannah doesn’t want to film but Kate is making her, and she’s not the only child who has no interest in being on the show.”

This is simply the latest in an ongoing battle between Jon and Kate Gosselin. If Jon Gosselin truly got emergency custody of Hannah, might he stand chance at custody of the rest of the children, too?

“He wants them to be safe and have a normal childhood,” the source adds.

Is it too late for that? Have the Gosselin kids spent too much time in front of cameras to know what a normal childhood is all about? Is Jon Gosselin right to want the kids away from the cameras or is he exaggerating the impact it has on their lives?

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