Jon Cryer, Ashton Kutcher: Highest Paid TV Actors

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Jon Cryer, while just the side-kick to Ashton Kutcher's character on Two and A Half Men, has ranked at number two on Forbes' list of highest paid actors in television. Ashton Kutcher, while entering the series late after Charlie Sheen had his dramatic exit, is listed as the highest paid actor on television.

Kutcher was brought in to replace Sheen, who was fired from the show, and was introduced in the season nine premiere.

Two and A Half Men has been running since 2003, and while currently in its 11th season, has changed a lot over the years, particularly with adding Ashton Kutcher to the cast.

Apparently, it pays to be funny on television these days. One would think that a list of the highest paid actors would include someone from one of those popular shows that everyone is always talking about such as Breaking Bad or Mad Men, but part of the problem with those shows is that they do not get enough viewers to qualify when compared with shows on CBS.

Jon Cryer brought in an impressive $21 million, while his co-star Kutcher made $24 million. Next on the list was Ray Romano, who continues to make millions from the popular sitcom Everybody Loves Raymond, even years after ending, due to being in syndication. Following them are Neil Patrick Harris and Mark Harmon, who are tied for fourth with $15 million, and Patrick Dempsey coming in fifth with $13 million.

Last month, the list of the highest paid TV actresses was released, with Modern Family's Sofia Vergara being named the highest. Forbes magazine noted that the numbers dont include just the TV paychecks, but also any other "entertainment-related endeavors."

During the first week of the new television season, 11.6 million people tuned in for two and a half men, and producer Chuck Lorre likely has no regrets on casting Kutcher in the supporting role, since he has made roughly $24 million in just over a year, making the show a huge success. His huge paycheck has given the opportunity to venture into even more investing, according to Forbes, where the full list of actors can also be seen.

Before his role on Two And A Half Men, Jon Cryer appeared in the John Hughes classic Pretty In Pink, as well as Hot Shots and other small roles. Cryer also won an Emmy for his role on the show in 2012.

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