Johnny Weir Admits NBC Nixed One Wardrobe Item

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Johnny Weir spoke in a recent interview about his Olympic Games style--which has been the talk of various blogs and news stories since the Sochi games began--and said there was one thing he isn't allowed to wear while he's working.

The fashionable figure skating star has dominated NBC's morning programming along with Tara Lipinski as they commentate for the athletes on the ice, with some bloggers writing daily about his clothing and jewelry choices. But there's one thing the network didn't want him to show up in on camera, and he's okay with that.

"We've been having conversations since the fall about how I was going to appear in Sochi," Weir told Access Hollywood. "They said go for it, do whatever you want, just on our air, no fur. And that's something I can understand. I said I don't think it's really appropriate [to wear fur on the air]. Fur is a very distinct decision that a person makes, they support it or don't. I don't want to be in a position to throw [NBC] under the bus if people get upset."

Weir understands that fur is not for everyone and even promised not to wear it during the 2010 Vancouver Games after he received threats from animal rights activists.

"I've had death threats before Vancouver from fur activists; I've been protested by fur activists," Weir said. "Every bad thing that can come of wearing fur, I've had."

Weir's on-air companion, Tara Lipinski, has drawn a lot of attention this week herself. 16 years after she dominated on the ice and brought home the gold for the U.S. at the tender age of 15, she's excited to be working for NBC with her friend and says it's her dream job.

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