Johnny Depp: Kim Kardashian Was Once Smitten

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Johnny Depp may have recently married Amber Heard, but he likely could have had (and perhaps still could) pretty much any woman he wanted. Do you think the Pirates of the Caribbean actor has any idea about the number of women who have swooned over him?

Do you think Johnny Depp has any idea that one of those women was Kim Kardashian?

It's true. Kim Kardashian recently admitted to having had a huge crush on Johnny Depp.

"I was obsessed with Johnny Depp when I was a teenager. I thought he was so hot. He was gorgeous and had that bad-boy streak – especially when he was with Winona Rider and then Kate Moss," West said during a recent interview with Australia's Daily Life.

"I loved looking at couples and wondering what it was that attracted them to each other. I didn't go for bad boys as a general rule and I never went for party boys but was certainly attracted to Johnny Depp physically," she added.

Does Kanye West have anything to worry about, now that everyone knows Kim Kardashian was once smitten with Johnny Depp?

No. In fact, Kim recently admitted that he is the perfect man for her.

"All men should be like my husband Kanye. He is very selfless when it comes to our relationship," she said. "He is giving and loving. He is respectful and has a great understanding about my needs."

Right up there with Johnny Depp and Kanye West--at least in Kim Kardashian's eyes--is her late father, Robert Kardashian.

"I remember looking at my dad and the way he interacted with Mum and thinking, 'That's the way a marriage should be.' He was such a gentleman," the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star said. "He always took care of his girls and my brother--he always made us feel important. He assured us everything would be okay regardless of what was going on."

Are you surprised to learn that Amber Heard's new husband, Johnny Depp, was once one of Kim Kardashian's obsessions?

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