Johnny Cash Stamp To Be Released This Week

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Johnny Cash still has a devoted fanbase ten years after his death, and now his legacy is being honored with a postage stamp designed to look like an album cover.

“The committee selects individuals to be on stamps based on accomplishments in their fields, and Cash was a natural fit,” Postal Service spokesman Mark Saunders said. “He has a huge following, and extends from country to rock ‘n’ roll to rhythm and blues.”

The stamp goes on sale Wednesday, and a celebration of Cash's life and work will take place at Ryman Auditorium the same day which will culminate in a concert featuring John Carter Cash, Tommy Cash and Joanne Cash Yates, Randy Travis, Marty Stuart, Larry Gatlin and The Oak Ridge Boys. Jamey Johnson and The Roys.

Cash's family approves of the stamp, saying it fits in well with the way they remember the legend.

"It just truly embodies my father's spirit, who he was," John Carter Cash said. "It's different. That's one thing: It stands out to me as being unique. It's very commanding when you see the stamp."

The stamps, which are limited edition, are expected to be a big hit for the USPS. The agency has had its share of troubles in recent years owing to a decline in its customer base now that so many people are using internet-based services, but Saunders has hopes that stamps like this one will make at least a small change for the better.

“We hope that people will buy these stamps and use them,” he said. “Hopefully they will promote letter writing and stamp collecting.”

Amanda Crum
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