John Travolta Defends Scientology After Going Clear Documentary

John Travolta is not jumping on the bash-Scientology bandwagon.

When the HBO documentary Going Clear hit, it roped one of the biggest documentary audiences of all time. People came out of the woodwork to express shock at what the documentary represented Scientology as being like.

Former Scientologists like Leah Remini spoke up about the documentary, agreeing with its stance.

“They say they’re loving, caring, non-judgmental people,” Remini said of Scientology, “but secretly, they were judging the world for not believing what they believed. To me, that is not a spiritual person. That’s a judgmental person.”

She tweeted:

When the Tampa Bay Times asked John Travolta to give his take on the debate, he took a different side.

“I haven’t experienced anything that the hearsay has (claimed), so why would I communicate something that wasn’t true for me? It wouldn’t make sense, nor would it for Tom [Cruise], I imagine.”

John Travolta called Going Clear a product of “people who were disgruntled with their experiences” with Scientology. In contrast, he says, “I’ve been so happy with my (Scientology) experience in the last 40 years that I really don’t have anything to say that would shed light on something so decidedly negative.”

John Travolta said that he has used his Scientology beliefs to help others.

“I’ve helped so many people through hard times. Loss of children, loved ones, physical illnesses. Through many tough, tough life situations I’ve used the technology to support them and help them. It’s always worked. So, why would I even approach a negative perspective? That would be a crime to me, personally, to do that.”

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