John Travolta Butchers Idina Menzel's Name During Intro [Video]

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In case anyone missed the horrible mistake that John Travolta made during last night's Oscar ceremony, he completely butchered Idina Menzel's name when introducing her.

The singer was introduced on the show to sing her hit song "Let It Go," and he introduced her with a name that was unrecognizable to anyone. He said something that resembled "Adele Dazeem," and it is unclear whether he even realized he what he did, since he played it off as nothing was wrong, and did not take the time to correct himself.

During his introduction to the Frozen actress, it was obvious that John Travolta was not prepared, and did not seem to be familiar with the singer. However, her song "Let It Go" was by far the most popular of the nominees in terms of being played outside of the films, and had even spent multiple weeks on the Billboard Hot 100.

Her song has become a huge hit with fans of the film, and fans went wild when it was announced that she would be performing the song live during the 2014 Oscars telecast.

Due to the popularity of the film and its song, "Let It Go" even became a viral hit that had Elsa singing the song in 25 different languages.

Idina Menzel graced the stage with icicles all around her to belt out her hit song "Let It Go" that her character Elsa sings when bringing on an eternal winter for her kingdom in the film Frozen.

She did not mention the mispronunciation of her name, and continued on with her performance. Luckily, as her Frozen character has taught young audiences, she was able to simply "let it go."

Along with the other nominees for best original song, she took the stage for an Oscars rehearsal on Friday night, playing her hit that ended up winning the big award last night. Frozen also took home the award for Best Animated Film, which was expected.

Audiences will have to wonder why an actor such as John Travolta would have been chosen to introduce someone like Idina Menzel for her singing performance, and while appearing during a live worldwide telecast, he showed that he is capable of making a big blunder.

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