John Stamos Slams Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen--Again

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John Stamos definitely seems like he's harboring a grudge against Olsen twins Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen for not reprising their role as Michelle Tanner on Fuller House.

While emceeing the Alliance for Children's Rights 24th Annual Dinner on Thursday evening, he not only honored his Grandfathered bosses, he seemingly slammed Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen--again.

"My whole career is based on helping children. Ask the Olsen Twins, if you can find them and all their money," John Stamos joked. "If you do find them, tell them I got a second season of Fuller House."


Even though John Stamos claims all is well between him and the Olsen twins, it certainly feels like there is some underlying animosity.

Does John Stamos believe Michelle Tanner holds that much pull on Fuller House?

Months before the Fuller House premiere, Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen claimed they were never asked to appear on the show. Stamos initially called "bullsh*t."

When John Stamos met with Mary-Kate a few days later, he claimed all was well between them, and that he hadn't given up that the Olsen twins might one day appear on Fuller House.

What do you suppose the real rub is between Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen and John Stamos?

Do you think Michelle Tanner's absence from Fuller House could be the show's downfall? Do the Olsen twins really hold that much pull?

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