John McAfee Shuts Down Blog Comments, Starts Posting Audio

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John McAfee, creator of the famous antivirus software, has been hiding from the cops in Belize after his neighbor was found dead with a gunshot to the head. He has been hiding in plain sight (at least according to his own account), sneaking around the scene of the crime in disguise.

After the incident, he began calling Wired reporter Joshua Davis, providing updates about his situation, and ultimately began blogging the updates himself.

You can read our past coverage on the events here. Here, you can see a summary of most of his blog posts.

Today, the admin of the blog (presumably Chad Essley, the admin he referenced in a previous post) posted an update indicating that comments on the blog were being disabled. He wrote:

Apologies, as the traffic is too high for our small staff to moderate at this time.

We are in the process of compiling the questions into a FAQ, with answers from John, which will be available soon. Thank you.

Since then, McAfee has posted another one titled "Evidence vs Paranoia".

The media has portrayed me as paranoid. I am a poor judge, since if I am paranoid, it is a paranoid mind judging itself. However, I am a technologist and use that as best I can for my own purposes. Shortly after the raid on my property by 42 soldiers in riot gear looking for a non-existent meth lab, I began a program of observation and recording of everything that happened to me. I planted tiny POV video cameras and sound recorders on myself, some of my dogs, all around my property, in my cars, on my boats, at the Studio 54 bar in Orange Walk, on trees, in bushes, – everywhere I could. The first two months were audio only. I knew that The Government was recruiting friends, neighbors and acquaintances for information about me and for help with “dealing with me” in some fashion. Most declined. No-one would ever believe my story, so recording it was my only option.

My first big break came when an ex-councilman from the village of Carmelita, named Anthony Rhaburn, was caught on one of my devices while trying to convince one of my employees to help the government kill me. The language is Creole, but non-Creole speakers can get the gist of it if you listen closely. Creole is derived from English after all.

I will be posting these recordings slowly over the next few months as the World digests them. I have recordings of the Prime Minister responding “Who does he think he is?”, in Creole, after I requested an apology for the April raid. I have recordings of the Police Commissioner telling one of my lawyers that “If Mr. McAfee doesn’t like the system here he can fucking leave”. I have many, many recordings – some 6,000 hours in total. They are devastating. They are safely in the States, and copies are in the vaults of Lombard Odie & Cie in Switzerland, and Banco Pinchincha C.A. in Ecuador.

The post includes a soundcloud embed, which currently says it is not available.

McAfee had previously said that he had enough material read to keep the blog updated for months, even if he gets captured.

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