John Mara Arrested Over New Year's Brawl

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John Mara--the 22-year old nephew of the Giants owner with the same name--was arrested and formally charged last week after the investigation of a New Year's Eve brawl in which a man was hit over the head with a bottle and suffered serious injuries.

Mara was released on Friday on $150,000 bond but is due in court in Westchester County, New York on March 8th, where he is expected to plead not guilty. The victim allegedly required surgery and sustained "life-threatening" injuries after the fight, which occurred at a party near Fairfield University campus.

“He intends to address the charges in court,” Mara's attorney, William Dow, said. “We’re confident that a jury will find him not guilty.”

If, however, Mara is found guilty of a first degree assault charge, he could face up to twenty years in prison. At the very least, he will likely suffer disciplinary action by the school, where he is currently a student.

"In a situation like this, not only is a student subject to any civil action but there would be an investigation from the standpoint of the school and, pending the outcome, the student would be subject to the disciplinary code of the university," school spokesperson Martha Milcarek said.

Amanda Crum
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