John Malkovich Stars In Two New iPhone 4S Commercials

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A little over a month ago, Apple took its advertising in a new direction by doing something they rarely do: using celebrities to sell Apple products. They released two Siri-centric ads for the iPhone 4S, one with Samuel L. Jackson planning a date night, and Zooey Deschanel planning a day in.

For all that the move was unusual for Apple, it also proved to be pretty popular. And as you might expect, the ads each sponsored their own respective parodies. Jackson's commercial got a parody video that put Siri in perhaps the best-known scene of his career. Deschanel's commercial got a parody Twitter account that has her asking Siri a string of stupid questions.

Now it looks like Apple's use of celebrities last month wasn't a one-shot (or, more accurately, two-shot) deal. Another pair of ads has started airing in the last couple of days. Both feature actor John Malkovich sitting in a cushy armchair drinking tea (presumably) and giving Siri one-word requests for things like weather, a restaurant that serves a certain dish, and his schedule. The first ad ends with Malkovich asking Siri to tell him a joke, while the second ends with him asking the meaning of life. Check them out below:

It's not entirely clear when the ads started airing, but they were posted on Apple's YouTube page yesterday.