John Lennon: Oldest Surviving Letter To Be Auctioned For Big Bucks

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John Lennon was known to be a prolific letter writer and many of his letters have been showcased over the years.

Recently, a sweet thank you letter from an 11-year-old John Lennon to his Aunt Harriet for a Christmas gift in 1951 was set to go to auction next month and it's expected to bring a huge price.

In fact, the predicted price for John Lennon's letter stands somewhere around $33,000.

In the letter, John Lennon writes, in part, “Dear Harrie Thankyou for the book that you sent to me for Christmas and for the towel with my name on it, And I think it is the best towel I’ve ever seen."

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It continues, “The book that you sent to me is a very interesting one. I am at the bottom of page 18 at the moment. The story is famous Ships its all about a man called Captain kidd the pirate."

Despite a few grammar mistakes, the letter is a privileged look into the young and tender childhood fancies of John Lennon and worthy of any collection.

The announcement about John Lennon's oldest letter comes just after the recent passing of George Martin, known to some as "the fifth Beatle".

George Martin RIP

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Zane Lowe, the head of Beats 1 on Apple Music, shared some nice sentiments about Martin, the music producer who helped form and polish the Beatles into the band we know and love.

He said, “George Martin defined what it is to be a modern music producer. Along with The Beatles, he pretty much invented and perfected the collaborative relationship between a band and their producer."

He added, "Together they achieved so much in a such a short amount of time, with distinct personalities in each recording. His techniques inspired the technology revolution in music. He was an adventurer."

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