John Ingle Dies at 84, General Hospital Star

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If you are into the daytime soap operas, such as the long-time-running soap opera of General Hospital, I am sure you are aware of the scheming character of "Edward Quartermaine," played by John Ingle since 1993. Unfortunately, John Ingle passed away this past Sunday (September 16th, 2012).

Prior to John Ingle's fame on the screen, Ingle (a Tulsa, Oklahoma native) was a Theatre instructor at Hollywood High School, and then later at Beverly Hills High School. Some of the students during his teaching career have become well-known actors and actresses, such as: Nicholas Cage, Richard Dreyfuss, David Schwimmer, Stefanie Powers, and many others (Source: SoapCentral).

After retiring from teaching in 1985, and later accepted the role of "Edward Quartermaine" on General Hospital in 1993. The role of Quartermaine was originally portrayed by David Lewis since 1978, and then later taken over by Ingle. Ingle played the role of Quartermaine up until December of 2003, when Ingle was fired from the cast and the Quartermaine character was then later killed off. To see Ingle's acting in action as "Edward Quartermaine," I have provided a clip containing his character below.

Along with General Hospital, Ingle also portrayed small roles and one-time appearances in various television shows and movies, such as:

  • RoboCop 2 - Surgeon General
  • Death Becomes Her - Eulogist
  • Batman & Robin - Doctor
  • Boy Meets World - Frank Nelson
  • The Office (USA) - Robert Dunder

On Sunday, September 16th, 2012, John Ingle passed away due to a long battle with cancer at the age of 84. Various fans of Ingle's work have left their condolences via Twitter:

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